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Jonnathan Strawthorne has a very active imagination and rapacious curiosity of history, science fiction and technology. He loves writing even though he has neither formal writing education nor experience. He worked in the financial arena for many years and due to the non-creative nature of that industry he thought he would put his hand to the proverbial plow of alternate, historical, science fiction writing. I would tell my wife this story and she would become emotionally captivated by the characters and the description of their plight however she would become frustrated because I would not divulge the intricacies of certain actions, plots, or purpose. With mountains of frustration but tempered with oceans of patience my wife with loving kindness in her heart has diligently encouraged me to move into the authorship realm. So, I think perhaps out of self interest, she has cajoled, pleaded, begged, pushed, guided, inspired, added to and taken away from my insatiable desire to tell stories that will haunt, taunt or tease the minds of the readers in the form of this book and hopefully many more to come as my stories are most certainly not finished.